Distraction & Driving

Distraction and Driving

Britain’s roads are pretty crowded places these days. It is not only the 35,000,000 vehicles on the roads, the 1.5 million motor bikes, and innumerable number of cyclists and pedestrians, but also some 4.5 million road signs, and these are just the external distractions and concentration breakers ready to distract you while driving.

Internally, many modern cars have dashboards looking like those in a space shuttle, with touch screens, voice commands, and information read-outs all needing variable amounts of attention and concentration.

Throw into the mix, the modern day smart phone. Some car manufacturers have built in the ability for hands-free conversations over the phone, but it is an area coming under Continue reading “Distraction & Driving”

Does Social Media Help You To Rank In Google?

Social Media & SEO

There has been a lot of hype surrounding social media and its ability to help you rank in Google search. The truth of the matter following extensive testing is that it still isn’t a key SEO factor, but it can have an impact is several ways.

Links from social media in themselves don’t have any effect on SERPs results, but and it’s a big BUT….. if lots of people are discussing and recommending your web content via Faceook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn etc then that chatter will provide trust signals that Continue reading “Does Social Media Help You To Rank In Google?”

Online Shopping and Keeping It Safe

Online Shopping and Keeping It Safe

It may seem unlikely that just “doing a bit” of online shopping is going to attract international criminals towards you, surely they have better things to do than to steal from an ordinary online shopper?

Not necessarily so. Scammers and cyber-criminals have systems in place to infiltrate anyone on the net. Any device connected to the internet, your Pc, tablet, or smart phone, can all be vulnerable to them, which is why you should ensure that they all have up to date anti malware and virus protection.

However good the security programmes on your devices are, there are pitfalls and snares to be avoided, and much can be achieved by Continue reading “Online Shopping and Keeping It Safe”